Zeolita Natural ZN NUTRI - 3.5kg of powder

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  • High quality natural clinoptilolite for use as animal feed supplement.

  • ZN NUTRI conforms to EU directive 70/524/CEE and regulation EU 651/2013 - animal feed additive 1g568 (E568).

  • Powder with average particle size of 100 microns.

  • Highly recommended for birds and for koi carp.

  • Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, rodents, and for all mammals.

  • Not suitable for reptiles or amphibians.


Clinoptilolite is widely used in animal feeds because of its well documented beneficial effects in animals, and because it is a totally natural mineral. It is a powerful mycotoxin and aflatoxin binder, and it captures ammonia which is very beneficial for birds.

Now you too can treat your pet with ZN NUTRI which is zeolite which has ben specially selected for animal nutrition. The recommended dose in mammals is 1 to 2% (1 to 2g per 100g of feed) and 2 to 3% for birds. The zeolite powder can be mixed directly with the animals regular feed. 


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