About us

zeocat3The company Zeocat Soluciones Ecológicas S.L.U. was founded in 2003 by Steve Thompson, an English chemist living in Barcelona with the objective of increasing zeolite use and promoting research into new applications of natural zeolite.

We specialize in the supply of high quality natural zeolite products for all types of application and we select the highest quality natural zeolite with the optimum characteristics for each individual application.


The use of natural zeolite around the world is increasing as awareness of its diverse range of applications grows. Zeolite is a natural alternative which offers ecological solutions to companies looking to reduce their impact on the environment. 

We have opened this online shop in response to increasing demand from consumers, and to make it even easier to buy natural zeolite products for personal and household uses directly from us. On this site we offer zeolite products in smaller quantities, but there is no limit to the quantity we can supply. Customers requiring larger quantities can visit our main website www.zeocat.es or contact us directly for more information.


Not all zeolite is of the same quality or the same purity, and some zeolite contains impurities which makes it unsuitable for certain uses. We carry out a full chemical and geological analysis on all our products to ensure that they are suitable for each specific end use and that they to conform to any applicable legislation. We check both zeolite content and the nature and level of any impurities. We also perform audits on the production sites where we source our products to ensure that proper quality control procedures are in place.

We can therefore guarantee the quality and consistency of all the zeolite products we supply.  


Zeocat Product Range